New website of the Photo Library

On 17 January 2012 a new website of the Photo Library of the Art History Institute, Jagiellonian University, was launched. It is based on Ontia's Navigart collection publishing platform.

The Art of the former Polish Eastern Borderlands in the Collection of the Photo Library of the Art History Institute, Jagiellonian University

The July of 2010 saw the completion of the feeding of scans of photographs recording historic monuments from the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland into the Fotoarch database. Dating mostly from the period before World War II, these photographs have been singled out as a separate group within the Polish Topography division of the collection. There are over 2000 photographs available in the on-line database and on the website, picturing places ranging from Bednarów to Żydaczów.

Particularly numerous is a group of photographs depicting Lvov, which totals 603 items and includes images by: Józef Kościesza Jaworski (190 photographic prints made from the negatives in the collection of the Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw), Adam Bochnak (90 items), Jan Bułhak (9 items), Edward Trzemeski, Zofia Huber and others. The second largest collection, covering the iconography of Vilnius, counts 190 photographic prints, among which particularly valuable are those by Józef Czechowicz, Stanisław Filibert Fleury and Jan Bułhak. Of special interest is a group of over 100 photographs, for the most part by Kazimierz Mokłowski, representing wooden Orthodox churches.

In order to view all photographs from the ‘borderlands’ collection, use the Advanced search option and type OTPK* (with an asterisk after ‘K’) in the ‘Shelfmark’ field of the advanced search form.

We shall be grateful for any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the data accompanying the images (e.g. attributions, dating, as well as authors and dating of the shots, etc.)